Here’s Why you Can’t Afford To Ignore The
Business-Side Of The Hair Styling

Building a Successful Hair Styling Business Isn’t All About Pretty Hairstyles….

What if in addition to being truly happy in your work life, you also have the time and freedom to fully and completely enjoy your life and do the things you love and fit it around your home and family life, and this same business brought in as much revenue, if not more as you would make slaving away in front of a computer 5 days a week?

What if in addition to all of this, this same business was able to give you the power to impact thousands of people with your skills, knowledge, passion and professionalism?

What if I told you, this is not just a crazy dream. This could be your reality, and
can be achieved within 12 months, and without…

  • Knowledge of hairstyling
  • Any previous hair qualifications
  • Going to college to study full time for 3 years
  • Spending months trying to learn how to do it yourself
  • Having to travel to course after course to learn these skills
  • Spending thousands on different hairstyling and business courses

If this sounds “too good to be true”, then get ready to have your mind BLOWN and have your dream business developing and growing before your eyes!

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What exactly is “Build a Successful Bridal Business”
membership programme?

What exactly is “Build a Successful Bridal Business” membership programme?
This membership programme is like no other. It’s the culmination of trial and
error and thousands of dollars spent training, working with brides, mentoring and
figuring out the best business structure for people wanting to build and take their
business to the next level.

Learn step by step methods of how I started and built my successful bridal business. Convert strangers into paying clients, and attract your ideal customer.

I will break down all your favourite hairstyles, in easy to follow training videos. No matter what level you are at, I will show you how to take the fundamental techniques and incorporate into your hairstyles.

You will have access to some of my favourite experts in the business world, and have the opportunity to have your questions answered. These are the people who have helped me build my business over the years.

I will be with you every step of the way as your mentor, to answer all your questions, and motivate you to be your best and achieve the success you want. You will also receive access to our extremely private facebook community where you’ll be able to connect with fellow go getters, watch live training sessions and post your work for critique.

So, What Are You Waiting For?...

Right now, you have the opportunity to Build a Successful Brand or Change your entire business as you know it.

You are literally getting years of my expertise, mentoring, emails, social media content and training, Business start up education, as well as hands on training and support from myself, who created a six figure business using the above methods.

Don’t get left behind, and this time next year be thinking “What might have been”.

To suit your budget and where you are in your journey, I am offering three different packages. We have limited places available, so don’t put off what you
can start now!

Choose which suits you, and come join us on our private facebook group for lots of fun and informative training.

Take Control of your business and start living the life you have dreamed of!

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